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If you are considering replacement windows, doors or roofline, or need extra space to relax or new heating, or maybe creating a fresh, stylish look to your home with our modern and new Composite Decking, Artificial grass or weatherboard cladding, then there is no better place to begin with than Apple.

From traditional casement windows to spacious breathtaking conservatory installations and extensions; Apple has the finest uPVC products in the UK that can really make a difference to your lifestyle.

Pride is an installation built to stand the test of time. Apple's unique formulation is made to last for decades, not just years; imagine an installation that stays looking young and fresh while your garden and home evolve around it, an installation that enhances the natural character of its surroundings becoming part of a larger scheme, yet bringing its own individuality.

Apple believes in good design and if design has rules, one of its fundamental ones is suitability. Any home improvement that we supply is designed with adaptability in mind. At Apple, we build our installations to enhance your home and provide the 'WOW' factor. We hope to help your home evolve into something brighter and more enjoyable. It's not just about adding something impressive to your house, it's about improving your whole living space.

Safety is our priority