Alpha Kyros Heating System

Alpha Kyros Heating System

The world's most advanced home electric heating systems with Fuzzy Logic Energy Control. Heat just the rooms that you need heated, at the time that you want and at the exact temperature.

Benefits - Alpha Kyros Heating System

What Are Alpha KyrosElectric Heating Systems?

Electric heating systems transformelectric current to heat via a heating element regulated by a resistor. The Alpha Kyros incorporates ultra low power micro controllers that work together with Fuzzy Logic Energy Control technology to provide excellent consumption savings through greater efficiency.

Why Should You Opt For An Electric Heating System?

Have total control of your heating anytime, anywhere, from your phone, tablet or PC with e-life technology direct communication system, incorporating real-time synchronization applied to the heating system. This level of control means you can be energy smart, significantly increasing your energy efficiency.

Key Features Of Our Alpha Kyros Heating System

Modern Design
Controllable Heating
Energy Efficient
10 Years Guarantee

6 Steps To Your New Alpha Kyros Heating System

1. Free no-obligation quote
2. We carry out a detailed survey
3. We make your Alpha Kyros Heating System
4. We fit your Alpha Kyros Heating System
5. We take payment
6. We guarantee our work


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