• 5 Years No Leak Shell Warranty
  • 2 Years No Leak Plumbling Warranty
  • 2 Years Component Warranty
  • 20 Stainless Steel Jets
  • LED Mood Lighting
  • 13amp Plug & Play

Aruba Spa

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The Aruba is neat 4 seat American manufactured hot tub, an ideal spa for small spaces with 4 deep corner seats. 20 high-power jets deliver a targeted hydrotherapy massage while underwater LED lighting and a waterfall encourages you to relax and unwind.

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Power to jet ratio is at an optimum in the Force 5. A well engineered and very powerful hot tub.

Powerful Dual Speed Pump

22 Powerful Hydrotherapy Jets

Not only is the Force 5 a hydrotherapy beast it comes with some great entertainment extras

8 Colour LED Mood Lighting / Various settings from static colour to light shows

Apple Home Improvements Cuba Dimensions

Dimensions : A 71" x B 85" x C 34"

(A 181cm x B 216cm x C 87cm)

Top axis of cover swing : D 78" (198cm)

When doing a major build it is a good thing to know the proper weight and volume of the hot tub.

Water Capacity: 225 gallons (850 L)

Dry weight : 555 lbs (252 kg)

Wet weight : 3,175 lbs (1,441 kg)

To ensure we can install the Tornado please ensure the route has the following dimensions.

Absolute min width : 35"/89cm

Absolute min height : 79"/201cm

What's included Free?

We are proud of our all-inclusive on-line prices and don't like hidden charges. Because of that we include over £1000 of hot tub extras absolutely free of charge.

Delivery and Installation - Normally £299 : Extreme Hot Tub Cover - Normally £450 : Free Cover Lifter - Normally £149 : Easy Access Steps - Normally £65 : Water test kit and accessories - Normally £104

Total saving £1064

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The Jamaica Hot Tub is a high performance family spa featuring 3 Balboa pumps, 50 Jets.

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The Cuba Hot Tub offers contemporary style and luxury.

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WAS £5,495 SALE PRICE £5,195
Apple Home Improvements offers wide range of Antigua Hot tubs.

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uPVC French and patio doors designs


ONLY £4,495
The Aruba is neat 4 seat American manufactured hot tub.

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RRP £14,995 SALE PRICE £13,995
The St Vincent Spa delivers the ultimate hot tub experience.

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Class Leading Efficiency

The Force 5 exceeds the strict standards set by the CEC: Californian Energy Commission. Very few spas, or indeed manufacturers, are able to meet these exacting standards which translate to super-efficient energy retention values and low daily running costs.

Hydrotherapy Power

The 22 Hydrotherapy jets deliver a complex & powerful massage supported by the high pressure pump. All jets can be adjusted at both the jet head and via the air diverter; the diverter regulates the intensity of the massage through subtle adjustments in air content within the jet stream. The Force 5 also features water diverters: adjustment control that allows you to choose between channeling power to all seats and diverting maximum power to set seat sequences.

Synthetic Maintenance Free Cabinet

This super durable furniture grade plastic cabinet is manufactured to withstand the wet, cold, heat and moisture over an extended period of years. Designed with style in mind, the long, wide, horizontal panels share style cues with modern wood flooring while giving true longevity, outdoors. Cabinets are available in Espresso or Grey.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to run a hot tub?

The cost of running a hot tub will vary through the year with the change in ambient temperature. Frequency of use and your energy tariff will also have an effect on the overall cost of running your hot tub. Our hot tubs range from an average running cost of 40p to 66p per day and all conform to CEC Californian Energy Commission standards for energy efficiency.

What area does your free delivery and standard installation cover?

Our free delivery and standard installation covers Dorset & Hampshire or a 75 Mile radius of our Bournemouth showroom excluding the Isle of Wight.

Isle of Wight surcharge – £350

Over 75 miles surcharge – £200

How do you keep the water clean in a hot tub?

The water in our spas is kept clean by using chemical treatments such as chlorine, PH stabilisers and Alkalinity stabilisers. It is very important to keep your water clean and healthy.  

Do Hot Tubs Need A Regular Service?

The reason for a service is mainly to clean the pipework and filter of any nasty parasites and bacteria as well as checking the components are safe. A service may also include treatment of covers and cabinets to keep them in good shape for longer.  If you keep your water and filters clean you may only need to do a service once a year which should cost around £150 – shop around!

Is there a recommended time limit to stay in the Spa / Hot Tub?

If you have your spa set to 40 Degrees then it is advised to take a break every 15 minutes or so. At lower temperatures you can comfortably stay in longer but be sure to stay hydrated for those longer session.

Do you switch the hot tub off when you are finished?

Our hot tubs stay on all of the time but you can reduce the temperature setting after use or set a mode / status so you are not heating the spa when it is not in use. A well-insulated spa with a good insulating cover will retain heat so when you next use your spa it won’t take long to get back up to your desired temperature. The hot tub will also go through filtration cycles so we leave them switched on.

How long does it take to fill up a Hot Tub?

It takes around 2 hours to fill up a standard sized 6 seater spa with a garden hose.

Can you go into a Hot Tub if you have a heart problem?

Always seek advice from your doctor. Hot tubs are a fantastic way to maintain or improve your general well-being but for some conditions it is not advised or specific guidance will be required.

How do you drain a Hot Tub?

Our tubs have outlets to drain the water but you can use a pump to speed up the process.

How often do you have to change Hot Tub water?

If you use your tub 3 to 4 times a week then change the water 3 times a year but if you have a lot of people using your spa frequently then you may consider a more regular rotation.

How do I clean my HotTub filter?

We suggest giving your filter a simple rinse with just water from your garden hose once a week if you leave it longer you will need to use some chemical cleaning products either spray on then rinse or soak in a bucket for 24 hours. Tip: When you use chemical cleaner rinse really well, then rinse again and if you’re not sure… Rinse again, this will reduce the risk of foaming up your water.

What temperature should set my hot tub to be?

Our hot tubs can heat the water to 40 degrees but at this temperature you will need to take breaks. 38 Degrees will feel great but it’s really whatever temperature feels good for you at the time.

Do I need planning permission to install a Hot Tub?

No, our hot tubs are portable so no need for planning permission to install a hot tub on your property but if you live in a conservation area, you should check with the local planning department.

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