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Bringing style and elegance with additional light and airy living space, Orangeries are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to a Conservatory. Orangeries date back to the 17th century, when they could be found in the grounds of exclusive residences, as the name dictates, they were originally used to house citrus trees during the colder months, however this expanded to include delicate shrubs and exotic plants.

Benefits of Apple Orangeries

What is an orangery?

With time, things changed and so did the use of orangeries. What was once a classical structure built for growing citrus fruits in colder climates, they have evolved in to luxurious living spaces very much like a modern conservatory.

Why Choose An Orangery?

Modern Orangeries provide the opportunity to create an extended space that has more functional options than a traditional conservatory, it is possible to use an orangery as a lounge, dining area or a family room.

What is the difference between orangery and a conservatory?

The most common question we get asked is ‘What is the difference between an Orangery and a Conservatory?’ Simply put, it's predominantly the roof structure that is different. Where a conservatory roof is often fully glazed, Orangeries have a central glazed ‘lantern’ set into a flat roof, the result is a structure that feels more like an extension but with a beautiful light feel.

Know difference between orangery and conservatory

Key Features Of Our Orangery

Bespoke designs of orangeries mean that every customer has a customised orangery to live in
Bespoke Designs
uPVC frames are in vogue due to the fact that they are durable especially for the doors and windows
Expert Construction
Have energy efficient orangery due to the use of double glazing windows!
Energy Efficient
Bring home low maintenance orangery
Low Maintenance

6 Steps To Your New Orangery

Call Apple Home Improvements orangeries for more information
1. Free no-obligation quote
Detailed survey helps in letting you know what kind of window style suits your home
2. We carry out a detailed survey
Find out more about bespoke orangery styles at Apple Orangeries
3. We make your Orangery
Complete orangery stucture is made by our experts
4. We lay the foundations and build your Orangery
You pay only for the services used
5. We take payment
We guarantee our work
6. We guarantee our work


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